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A Guide Update and a Funster Kick Off

The threat of a “The World’s Hardest Sudoku” now relieved, this post starts a review of the “extreme” section of Charles Timmermans Funster Hard to Extreme Sudoku. But mostly, it’s a progress report on the Guide, a set of pages … Continue reading

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An ALS Toxic Set Update

This post reviews Sysudoku history on the problem of spotting ALS toxic sets, and presents the updated  recommendation in the ALS Toxic Set page just completed for the Guide.  This spotting process, to be referred to here as ALS partnering, … Continue reading

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A WXYZ vs. BARN Settlement

In this post, progress is reported on the Sysudoku Guide, and on  a possible territorial agreement between the WXYZ wing and the Bent family. The Guide, that link up there on the menu bar, is taken shape. The Basic pages … Continue reading

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