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Sysudoku for Unsolvabrights

In this post, two distinctly Sysudoku techniques have roles in a pattern trial of an Andrew Stuart Unsolvable, this time #183 of January 16, 2016. First, pattern (template) analysis on two numbers finds compatible partial patterns for a coloring trial. … Continue reading

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Trial or Error?

This post compares Sysudoku trial strategy with the chain or disproof hypothesis strategy described in Bob Hanson’s Sudoku Assistant report. My opinion is that Bob’s strategy contributions and his Sudoku Assistant solving records are both compromised by a willingness to … Continue reading

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Trials on KD Insane 475

This updated post shows how pattern slicing, a theme in the Krazy Dad Insane review, fails on the v4, book 7, n5 puzzle. The fall back is a Sysudoku trial innovation, the Single Alternate Trial Sue de Coq. The method, … Continue reading

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