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Snapshots from Sheldon’s Master Class

Here are some images from the Master Class review puzzles that illustrate Systematic Sudoku solving in action.  I deemed the collection strong in basic solving, with very limited excursions into advanced techniques. First is the #40 grid at the close … Continue reading

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Tom Sheldon on Sudoku Solving

Happy Mardi Gras! Here are the notes l took in Tom Sheldon’s Master Class.  I don’t like to start without pictures, so I’ll checkpoint the line marking of Master Class # 70 first. The 2D trace trails off after a … Continue reading

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Grading the Master Class

Tom Sheldon deserves a lot of credit, or blame if you prefer,  for introducing me to serious Sudoku solving.  I pored over the instruction section of his puzzle book, Sudoku Master Class, intrigued by the very idea of a master … Continue reading

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Stuart’s Avoidable Rectangle

In The Logic of Sudoku, Andrew Stuart introduces a UR method in which corners on one side are known values, i.e. clues, and remaining candidates are prevented from forming a deadly rectangle with these clues.  This is his Avoidable Rectangle. … Continue reading

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