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Ardson Very Hard v.2 318

The review continues the pattern with Ardv2 318. Ignore the pencil marks and pick out the givens if you have to, but try the bypass.  It gets close to the edge, leaving three 3-fill lines for box marking.     … Continue reading

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A Closing ALS Postscript on THLS

This post demonstrates ALS-XZ as an alternative to hidden XY chains, and concludes the review of The Hidden Logic of Sudoku by Denis Berthier. In THLS, Denis goes outside the Royles 17 collection only a few times for illustrative examples. … Continue reading

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An Unusual Review

This begins a review of the advanced techniques of Hodoku, Bernhard Hobiger’s puzzle generator and solver, as described on the Hodoku site’s Techniques page. The post describes the Hodoku program and the special nature of this review. Hodoku is primarily … Continue reading

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