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Hodoku X-chains on the X-panel

On this post, X-panel chain analysis is illustrated on a Hodoku example. Hobiger’s coverage of X-chains is shallow on fundamentals and distracted with named X-chains. Several X-chain highlights of the blog are recalled. Hodoku starts the chain types with X-chains. … Continue reading

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A Little More Extreme

Here is a follow up on the advanced level More Extreme 4, with background looks at the bv map, XYZ map, and X-panel . There is a challenge to find a forcing chain XYZ alongside a regular one. Entering the … Continue reading

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Slink Loops

A “slinks only” X-loop of an even number of slinks consists of alternating true and false candidates.  That we know by the logic of slinks.  We just don’t know if it’s the arbitrary one we pick, or the next one, … Continue reading

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