Sysudoku Post Titles

Posts on Systematic Sudoku itself are listed on this page. Many of them are duplicated by the GUIDE accessed from the menu bar. Other Sysudoku posts are listed on separate pages for quick access. From TITLES on the menu bar, drag rightwards onto the menu to find titles on Puzzle Collection Reviews, Expert Reviews, Trials and Monster Posts.

Introduction to Systematic Sudoku

  9/29/11   What This Blog is About
10/02/11   Distinguishing Features of Sysudoku
10/04/11   Slink Marking

Sysudoku Basic

10/11/11   Sysudoku Box Marking
10/13/11   Sysudoku Line Marking
10/20/11   Line Marking Follow Up
1/31/12   Box/Line Removals
10/25/11   Subsets and  Susets
10/27/11   Locked Set Enumeration
11/01/11   Updates on Sysudoku Basic
10/07/14   The Dublex Bypass
1/06/15   An Update on the Dublex Bypass
4/11/17   A Bypass 3-Fill on the Bus

Uniqueness Methods

1/01/13   Mashing the BUG
1/08/13   The Unique Rectangle
1/15/13   Stuart’s Hidden UR
1/22/13   Stuart’s Avoidable Rectangle
1/29/13   Beyond the Rectangle

Sysudoku BV Scan

11/08/11   Tools and Order for Advanced Methods
11/15/11   Regular XYZ-wings
11/22/11   Irregular XYZ-Wings
11/29/11   Death Blossom Lite
12/06/11   XY-Chains
12/13/11   Riding the XY Rails
12/20/11   The Remote Pair
12/22/11   De Coq on the Sue de Coq
12/27/11   Sysudoku Sue de Coq
1/03/12   Aligned Pair Exclusion
1/10/12   Trust but Verify


1/17/12   The X-Panel and X-Chains
1/24/12   Special X-chains
2/06/12  Alternating X-Loops
2/14/12   Slink Loops
2/21/12   Andrew Stuart’s Guardians
2/28/12   Group Therapy
3/06/12  XY-Loops


3/13/12   Go Fish!
3/20/12   Finned, Kraken and Sashimi Fish.
3/27/12   What Regular Fish to Fish For
4/03/12   Casting for Regular Fish
4/10/12   Krakening a Finned Fish
4/17/12   The Shameless Sashimi
4/24/12   Unraveling the Mutant Fish
5/01/12   Finned Mutant Fish
5/08/12   The SudoPod?
7/29/14   Hanson Finned Fishing with ALS
8/04/14   Suset  Sashimi
12/01/15   Hodoku Goes Fishing
12/08/15   Kraken Fish Invade Hodoku’s Pond
12/15/15   Hodoku’s Multiple Fin Krakens

Medusa Coloring

5/15/12   The Slink Magic of Coloring
5/17/12   Box Marking of Maestro 4
5/22/12   Color Wraps and Color Traps
5/24/12   Coloring Checkpoints
5/29/12   Multi-Cluster Bridging
6/05/12   Coloring Sue de Coq and APE
8/27/13   Nice Loop Coloring of Insane 465
2/14/17   An xyt Color Wrap
7/11/17   Slink vs. Coloring Networks and Illogical Sudoku
8/29/17   Cluster Expansion by Not-Both Trials
9/05/17   AIC Slinks Finish Only Extreme 3

Alternate Inference Chains

6/19/12   An AIC Checkpoint  and Challenge
6/26/12   A Colorful AIC Feast
7/03/12   Dessert at the Colorful AIC Feast
7/10/12   The ALS Node in an AIC

Almost Locked Sets

7/17/12   ALS Toxic Sets
7/24/12   Enumerating the ALS-XZ
7/31/12   ALS  Petaled Death Blossoms


8/25/15   Please Give WXYZ Some Space
2/16/16   How the BARN Was Built

Pattern Analysis

8/07/12   LPO, a Limited Form of POM
8/14/12   Pattern Enumeration for POM and LPO
8/21/12   A Limited Pattern Overlay on Maestro 22
8/28/12   Coloring LPO
10/09/12   Searching for Orphans in LPO
10/16/12   Scrounging for New Pattern Sets in LPO
10/23/12   The Pattern Slink
7/30/13   Introducing Pink Olive Analysis
8/20/13   Insane 455 Does a Twisting Pink Olive Dive
8/27/13   Nice Loop Coloring of Insane 465
9/17/13   Pattern Trials of Insane 475
10/08/13   LPO Lettering on Insane 495
10/15/13   Grinding Down Insane 495 with LPO Coloring
7/07/15   Fata Morgana Wrapped in Pink Olive


10/02/12   First Year Anniversary
11/12/12   Akron 2012 Sudoku Tournament
11/25/14   The 2014 Akron Sudoku Tournament
9/27/16   Recovering From a Small Disaster