Expert Reviews

Stuart Forcing Chains
11/06/12 Digit Forcing Chains?
11/20/12   Nishio Forcing Chains?
11/27/12   Cell Forcing Chains
12/04/12   ALS Merge of Cell Forcing Chains
12/11/12   Unit Forcing Chains
12/18/12   Forcing Chains in Sue de Coq Analysis
12/25/12   Stuffing Your Stocking

Tom Sheldon
2/12/13   Tom Sheldon on Sudoku Solving

Paul Stephens
4/09/13   Starting With Stephens
4/16/13   Advanced Stephens
4/23/13   A Bv Scan of Week 48
4/30/13   Extreme Stephens
5/07/13   Stephens in the Library with a Laptop
5/14/13   To Nishio or Not to Nishio
5/21/13   The ANL Test

Bob Barker
11/19/13   Pulling Rank
11/26/13   Higher Rank Theory
12/03/13   Rank’s Little Gotcha

Bob Hanson
6/03/14   Bob Hanson’s Sudoku Assistant
6/10/14   Basic Solving With Bob Hanson
6/17/14   Basic Hanson Homework
6/24/14   Sudoku Assistant Finds Locked Sets
7/01/14   Bob Goes Fishing
7/08/14   Bent Naked What?
7/15/14   Hanson’s Bent Naked n-Set
7/22/14   Sudoku Assistant’s ALS Toxic Sets
7/29/14   Hanson Finned Fishing with ALS
8/04/14   Suset Sashimi
8/12/14   Hanson’s Polarity ANL
8/19/14   Hanson’s Strong and Weak Hinges
8/26/14  Trial or Error?
9/02/14   Harvest from the Sudoku Assistant Report

Gordon’s Guide
9/30/14   Gordon’s Guide Basics
12/02/14   Gordon’s Fishing Guide
12/09/14   Gordonian UR-ology
12/16/14   A Gordonian Fantasy
12/23/14   Plus and One-Sided Unique Polygons
12/30/14   Extended Gordonian Overreach
1/13/15      Wings and Chains With the Gordon Guide
1/20/15      Cycling Blindfolded with the Guide

Arnold Snyder
7/28/15   Sadistic Sudoku Review
8/04/15   Basic Solving with Arnold Snyder
8/11/15   Advanced Solving with Arnold Snyder
8/18/15   Arnold Abandons Reason

Hobiger’s Hodoku
9/01/15   An Unusual Review
9/08/15   Hodoku Unique Rectangles
9/15/15   Hodoku Sue de Coq in 2015
9/22/15   Hodoku’s Limited XYZ Wings
9/29/15   Decoding Hodoku Chain Notes
10/06/15   Hodoku Chain Building
10/13/15   Hodoku XY-Chains
10/20/15   Hodoku X-chains on the X-panel
10/27/15   Hodoku Nice Loop Mythology
11/03/15   Simplifying Hodoku AIC
11/10/15   Hodoku’s Continuous Nice Loops
11/17/15   Hodoku Grouped AIC I
11/24/15   Hodoku Grouped AIC II
12/01/15   Hodoku Goes Fishing
12/08/15   Kraken Fish Invade Hodoku’s Pond
12/15/15   Hodoku’s Multiple Fin Krakens
12/22/15   Hodoku Franken Fish
12/29/15   Hodoku ALS Toxic Sets
1/05/16   Hodoku ALS Chains
1/12/16   Hodoku ALS Death Blossoms

Carol Vorderman
2/23/16   Mastering Basic Sudoku With Carol Vorderman
3/01/16   Vorderman’s Super Difficults

The Hidden Logic of Sudoku
10/18/16   Berthier’s Hidden Logic of Sudoku
10/25/16  SudoRules Hidden Singles Reverse Engineered
11/01/16   Naked Singles in SudoRules
11/08/16   Hidden Logic Symmetries of THLS
11/15/16   Hidden Triples Hard and Easy
11/22/16   Hidden Logic Box/Line Interactions
11/29/16   Fishing in Lake Supersymmetry
12/06/16   Suset Jelly in nrc Space
12/13/16   THLS vs Unique Rectangle
12/20/16   The Limited XYZ-wings of THLS
12/27/16   THLS Needs a Ride on the XY Railway
1/03/17   Hidden XY Chains Are Reverse XY AIC
1/10/17   No THLS Case for Hidden XY Chains
1/17/17   Remaining XV hXY Avoided
1/23/17   THLS Limps In On Chains
1/31/17   A Chicken Chok’in Checkpoint on Unhidden Chains
2/07/17   Berthier’s xyt-chains in THLS
2/14/17   An xyt Color Wrap
2/21/17   Berthier’s xyt-Chains Rated Extreme
2/28/17   Berthier’s xyzt Chain
3/07/17   A Closing ALS Postscript on THLS

Seemel’s Sudoku Satisfaction
3/14/17   The Sudoku Satisfaction Tour
3/21/17   Touring the Bypass and a Human Engineered Inscription
3/28/17   BV Scan Satisfaction in Saturday 2
4/04/15   More Satisfaction in Saturday 2