Trial Methods

Sysudoku Trials
12/27/11   Single Alternate SdC in Sysudoku Sue de Coq
12/24/13   Golden Nugget Exocet Trials
6/02/15   The ALS Jump Ball
8/08/17   A Bifurcated Coloring of the AIC Slink
8/29/17   Cluster Expansion by Not-Both Trials
9/05/17   AIC Slinks Finish Only Extreme 3
10/24/17   Only Extreme 132 Joins the Extreme Team

Multiple Solutions
7/02/13   A Ferocious Hall of Mirrors
11/18/14  The Fiendish 100 BUG-gy Maze
9/26/17   A Surprising Dave Green Sunday 5-Star